Another blog?

I know there are a lot of blogs already out there on faith and film or film and philosophy — there are even some blogs that already combine all three. (I have linked to some of them on my blogroll. It should go without saying that I don’t agree with the perspective of all the bloggers represented there.)

But I think I have a fresh perspective to add. As a post-evangelical (or emergent or postmodern or whatever) Episcopalian, I have a very different view of the nature of both art and religion than do most of the “filmosophy” bloggers already out there. (I know my view is different because I tried teaching it to the traditional evangelical filmmakers at Biola University and they wanted to crucify me.)

For me art is about interpreting the world from a particular perspective. This means art is doing the same thing as philosophy. And religion is a narrative which embodies in its hearers and tellers certain habits of thought, feeling, imagining, and acting. This means that evangelism is about telling God’s story — teaching people to see how God is at work in the world, redeeming the world through Christ.

There is one important implication of this view: all movies are evangelistic. All movies “project a world” (as Nicholas Wolterstorff argues), interpreting the world from the filmmakers’ perspective, interpreting our lives by putting recognizable events into a meaningful narrative and teaching us to see the world in a certain way. Art, philosophy, and religion all create meaning in this way.

I’m sure I’ll post more about this stuff later. For now, I’ve got movies to watch…

One thought on “Another blog?

  1. I think evangelicals and/or the modern church at large would be much more effective if they tried hard to let the Church speak for itself. This is particularly true in any artistic medium, including film. I consider myself a post modernist and the reason is that I want authentic cultures to re capture what made them existentially viable in the first place, rather than the convoluted mess that is modernity.Cool blog.

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