“What would you do if you suddenly received a box via mail, labeled ‘FRAGILE: Contains Peace’? “

This week I received a little bundle of joy. No, I didn’t have another baby. (My first baby is less than four months old, so that’s sort of impossible.) In fact, my bundle of joy came in the mail. It was an artwork in a global public art series called “The Priority Boxes” (2006-2009) by Nicaraguan artist Franck de Las Mercedes who sends a box (for free!) to anyone who requests one.

I first heard about the project on Barry Taylor’s blog. Barry’s box contained world peace as did many of the boxes in the project’s photo gallery (imagine what the postal carriers must think), so I kind of expected to receive that too when I ordered mine. But it takes several weeks for your box to arrive, and by then I had forgotten that I had even ordered it. So when it did arrive, it really did bring me joy, something I needed especially on that day.

Browsing the gallery of boxes again after receiving my box, I was struck by the fact that almost all of Paul’s “fruit of the spirit” have been mailed out. There’s love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and will power (self-control?). I didn’t see faithfulness, goodness, or gentleness, though I did see faith and hope. Other non-theological boxes include things like life, truth, beauty, foresight, courage, creativity, etc. And there are a large number of democracy-themed boxes: freedom, human rights, world peace, activism, change, prosperity, humanity, etc. You can order your own box here. You never know what it might contain when it arrives. It might contain inspiration or even happiness.

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